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Luminos is a world class producer of a wide variety of customised window and door covering solutions for residential and commercial environments. Superior quality, workmanship and attention to detail are at the forefront of each piece, we hand craft in our factory. Luminos keeps abreast of both local and international trends and is often first-to-market with innovative and new types of window covering solutions

Featured Products

Roller blinds The wide range of designs, textures and material types available ensure that they complement and enhance the décor and function of your space. Block-out fabrics are ideal for bedrooms, home entertainment rooms and boardrooms to eliminate external light while sheer fabrics can be used for privacy while still allowing light to filter through. Highly technical fabrics and finishes are available to fulfill the stringent demands for Green Buildings or even hygiene. Motors are regularly specified to integrate with Building Management Systems or Home Automation. The choices and permutations are endless with our commercial quality components and fittings.

Roman blinds These elegant blinds combine luxurious materials with contemporary design. The soft folds of Roman blinds combined with a functional operating system are the perfect solution for any window covering and are guaranteed to enhance your choice of décor. Select from our extensive fabric collections and be bold to add a motor to make these blinds the slickest smoothest in your home or office

Venetian blinds Versatile and easy to use, these blinds provide variable levels of privacy while still allowing natural daylight to filter into a room. Venetian blinds add a contemporary feel and are available in various widths and materials including aluminum alloy, custom coloured wood, and everything-in-between. Ideal for commercial applications, venetian blinds have proven to be a favourite with Interior Architects and Designers as the best performance to price ratio.

Standard vertical blinds A great solution for the home or business owner looking for a stylish and decorative, yet affordable window covering. Vertical blinds remain one of the most popular styles of window dressing. Also available with highly technical fabrics, designer fabrics and aluminium slating, vertical blinds are re-emerging as a window covering that remains timeless

Panel Vertical blinds Luminos is excited and proud to be the first to market with this unique range of blinds, which combines the elegance of panel blinds with the practicality of vertical blinds. Giving you access to our huge library of fabrics this blind can be mix and matched and finished off with elegant wooden highlights. Perfect for huge boardrooms or a large window that you want to make a statement with.

Panel blinds Masters at panel blinds, Luminos have been offering this innovative product into the market place since 2005. Using our huge fabric library and customizing your panels with wooden highlights, just offers you such an incredible tool to transform any interior into a stunning space. Available in motorized panels these elegant blinds offer the sophistication and practicality hard to achieve with other window covering products.

Lumipleat and Lumicell When faced with “impossible” shaped windows, Luminos have a collection of Lumipleat and Lumicell window coverings that can cover more than 50 window types hard to cover with conventional window coverings. From sloping windows to Arches, to skylights this versatile product places Luminos in an unassailable position as being South Africa’s premium supplier of window coverings. Using decorative or highly technical fabrics these pleated and honeycomb celled blinds are on point. Requiring very little installation space and being ultra-light weight they are easy to install and can operate using remote controlled micro motors or just hand operate them if you wish. By far the largest selling window covering product in Europe, Luminos brings the South African market up-to-date with the most cutting edge product in the world, all made in our very own factory. This product is made under license from Blocker in Germany.

Lumidoppio Luminos were first to market this hugely popular window blind. Primarily a roller blind, it has the added twist of having opaque and translucent stripes which allows the user to have control of privacy or light transmission. This decorative blind is available in a myriad of fabrics that allow a total blackout or a very wispy sheer effect to be created on the window. More detailed fabrics with pleated or woodgrain effects are gaining popularity recently A slight flick of a remote allows you to play with the privacy levels and move the blind in the open or closed position.

Lumivela If a venetian blind could be made into a fabric then it would be called Lumivela. Re-creating a classic venetian blind using soft textiles and voile. Master textile weavers have delivered a blind that operates almost magically. Easily motorisable, this blind also allows for total blackout or diffused light transmission, depending on your choice of fabrics.

Outdoor Roller Blinds Partnering with Selt from Poland, Luminos has included a collection of the much sought after external window coverings. Perfect for commercial and residential applications, Interior Architects and Consultants specify outdoor blinds as a perfect Green solution. Made from high quality materials to withstand the harsh external environment most of these blinds operate with a robust motor or there are one or two products that will easily hand operate. Choose from a collection of fabrics that blend or contrast perfectly with your design scheme. Whether it’s a skyscraper or a beach hut, we will have a perfect Selt Outdoor blind for you

Shutters South Africa is perfect “Shutter” country. Luminos has sourced the best quality shutter from reputable manufacturers around the world. The classic wood shutter, is no longer the only choice that is available to you. A beautiful PVC shutter with an aluminium skeleton together with a full aluminium shutter, ideal for internal or external use, complete the trio of offerings in this collection. Available in almost any colour you can imagine, the wood and pvc shutters blend in or contrast as you wish. The aluminium shutter, while not sold as a security product does have a lock and is a little more secure than our other two offerings. A range of beautiful architraves are available should you want to highlight your shutter.

Bamboo and Woven Wood blinds These blinds create a warm atmosphere in any room. They are also an eco-friendly choice as bamboo and woven-wood are a recognised renewable source. With their very natural appearance bamboo and woven-wood blinds create a calming atmosphere and softly diffuse light from outside. They are easily made into different formats to suit your particular installation. Often a simple roll-up with a classic brass cleat is all that is necessary to create the ambiance

Motorisation Luminos blinds can be operated using a motorised system from a wall switch, remote control or programmed control system, which may be integrated seamlessly with a building management system or home automation system. Luminos provides these solutions through recognised international brands such as Somfy and locally based Elettrico. Included in this collection is a range of motorised curtain tracks with different accessories to fulfill the decorators need.