Get Creative with Wallpaper for Your Home


If you are looking to give your home a new design look then you would have already considered what colours you want and the style of furniture that will be used. Next you would focus on the walls, whether you paint it a different colour or how about using wallpaper.

Wallpaper is used in a more artistic and sophisticated way these days. If you think back to images that you’ve seen of the 70’s and 80’s the wallpaper patterns that they used was so over the top and used in the most bizarre ways. Wallpaper is making a big comeback but not in the way it used to. It is more stylish and the elements around it are taken into big consideration. To design a room, certain colours are used to define that room and they are used together to create flow with all the elements in the room. So the furniture would fit in with the decor, the blinds and curtains will match the carpets, and the walls must bring all the décor elements together. So it is important to look at all these décor elements before you choose a wallpaper design.

With wallpaper you can get creative. You can either add the wallpaper to all the walls in the room you want to decorate or you can add it to one main wall which would be considered the focal wall. When you add the wallpaper to all the walls in the room you want to choose a design that is not dominated by patterns. A simple design with maybe a delicate pattern or with a consistent line or dot pattern could work. For a focal wall you can go a bit bold with this. First you should consider what colour the other walls are before you choose the bold wallpaper for the focal wall. So if you have painted all the walls a light shade of yellow then you can go for a bold pattern wallpaper. Perhaps elements of yellow and gold for the focal wall could work. If you have grey walls, you can add a focal wallpaper with bold patterns to add an elegant aesthetic.

Wallpaper is a great way to uplift an old room. You can redesign the room to give it a new look and this way is an affordable way to do so and one that will have quite a dramatic effect and make a big different in the style of the room. It is a good idea to bounce your ideas off another person so that you can get some perspective on what elements will work together. You can also do your research and see what interior designers recommend by checking home magazines and websites to get some good ideas of what colours and patterns go together. Because wallpaper can make such a big difference you want to get it right the first time so make sure that you do your planning in advance.

When you have your design in mind and plan accordingly while comparing different wallpaper swatches, you can make a better informed decision – one that you will be happy with in the end.