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Decorate Your Home Using Different Types of Custom Made Blinds

In all home and living spaces you are expected to find windows in different areas of each room. If you are looking to find blinds to suit your windows – whether you’re trying to find blinds that help darken your space, or if you want a lighter option that will allow natural light into your space.

Before you go ahead and buy any blinds for your home or apartment, it is important to consider what you want. Whether you want them to darken the room at night for a better night’s sleep, or to shut closed to provide you with complete privacy. There are two overall types of window blinds, ready-made blinds and made to measure. What made-to-measure is blinds that are made and measured to fit any window size? We want to share with you the different types of blinds you can choose from and how you can have custom made blinds tailored for your unique style.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are the term referred to any window blind. They have slim and horizontal slats spread out at regular intervals down the length of your window. Venetian blinds can easily be raised or lowered and even tilted allowing you full control over the level of privacy and the amount of light you want shining in your room. Venetian blinds are easy to operate and are usually lowered and raised using a pull cord, and to tilt using cords or a tilt stick. Because of the risk of pull cords with small children and pets – many changes have been introduced to reduce the risk of any injury such as lift cords with breakaway equalizers and cordless blinds.

Roman Blinds

 Roman blinds feature a horizontal panel with a flat piece fabric that creates a sophisticated, custom-made look whether raised or lowered. Each piece of fabric is connected to the front or back of the batten, this helps create that neat clean fold once the blinds are raised and when they are closed they lay flat – once again a simple and stylish look. Roman blinds are an extremely popular dressing option for windows across many homes especially in bedrooms and living rooms. They are fabric-based pleated blinds that with a simple pull of a cord it allows you to adjust the blind levels according to your preference. Roman blinds come in a variety of colours, styles, patterns and sizes to suit your style and taste.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are made from fabrics that come in translucent, sunscreen and other options. These blinds can be rolled up or down to achieve the required sunlight or shade by using a chain mechanism or a motorized adjuster. In the past roller blinds were used to totally and completely block out light, today it is used a bit differently. If you want to allow some light into your space you can easily adjust the height of the blinds. Light filter blinds and sunscreen blinds both give you the privacy you need during the day without blocking out the sun but also allows you to enjoy the view during the day without having the bright sun entering your home. Sunscreen roller blinds are a great help as it helps save energy by blocking out the heat from the sun.

Choosing a set of blinds used to be tough – but no more! With the special options of custom-made blinds, you can design your home according to the colours and textures you’ve always wanted. At Carpet & Décor, we offer you a variety of blinds to choose from to help make you style your home and design it the way you’ve always imagined!