Commercial Carpets

Why Commercial Carpets are So Important

Commercial Carpets

Have you ever the heard of the saying that goes “Carpets are too floors, like socks are to feet” Ok maybe you haven’t as I just came up with it now, but that’s exactly what comparison I think of when I think of carpets. Are they not just that super great!

I want to take a deeper look today at commercial carpets and what role they play. Choosing the correct carpet for your business can be a tricky job. There are multiple factors to take into consideration.

Commercial carpeting can come in many different styles and designs to match your commercial space and your needs. When it comes to carpet in commercial spaces, there are three ways to do it:

Broadloom carpet is also known as wall-to-wall carpet, and is the most traditional and well-known form of carpet in commercial spaces. This is where commercial carpet is fitted in a continuous form across the floor surface.

Modular carpet is also known as carpet tiles. Modular carpet is durable, easy to install, and easy to replace which makes it ideal for commercial spaces. Carpet tiles or smaller more manageable squares of carpet that are installed seamlessly side by side for a smooth carpet finish.

Area rugs are generally not as popular in commercial settings, although they are common in some business types like premium health care and hospitality.

You need to evaluate the space that would need carpeting as well. If you look at a hotel for example there is plenty of flooring that would need carpeting, hence ensuring your supplier can provide you with the quantity of carpeting needed. The last thing you want to do is change the style of carpeting as this will throw off any uniformity.