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One of the biggest benefits is that it costs less than solid hardwood flooring, but looks the same. Engineered flooring is a modern flooring material that imitates traditional hardwood floor boards, holding many advantages over the traditional hardwood flooring. Natural hardwood brings nature into your home. Every piece of wood has been lovingly crafted by Mother Nature over generations, making each creation unique. This engineered wood will match any décor, and is hard wearing at the same time. This wood floor is a natural beauty combined with excellent durability to ensure a pleasing and appealing lasting floor.

Engineered floors does not attract dust mites or molds, which in a way produces better air quality for all residents in the home, therefore it is good for your health. It resists dust and other allergy triggers. It can be cleaned using a slightly damp mop. The installation methods for engineered floors make it a lot simpler to lay than solid wood floors. The ability to use engineered flooring in areas where traditional hardwood cannot be used such as damp areas or places where the floor would be exposed to radiant heat. You don't have to sand or coat before use. When you install engineered flooring you can literally move the furniture back in and be using the room again in a matter of hours.

Engineered flooring can be nailed, stapled or glued down or installed as a floating floor. A floating floor only requires that a moisture barrier, usually a foam underlay is placed on the existing floor and the engineered flooring is laid directly onto it - no sticking down is required. Carpet and decor recommend engineered hard wood in places with a lot of traffic, like for restaurant flooring or reception flooring. Its style and unique look can make any place look classy and elegant.