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Egger Pro7/31

Egger Bardolino Oak Gray
Egger Natural Oak
Egger Polar Oak
Egger Western Oak

Egger Pro8/31

Pro 8 Bardolino Oak
Pro 8 Brown Agira Wood
Pro 8 Grove Oak
Pro 8 Lasken Oak
Pro 8 Murom Oak
Pro 8 Murom Oak Gray
Pro 8 Sand Beige Zermatt Oak

Egger Pro8/32 OV

Pro 8 32 amiens oak
Pro 8 32 Bardolina oak
Pro 8 32 brown Cardiff
Pro 8 32 Chalky oak
Pro 8 32 la mancha oak
Pro 8 32 murom oak
Pro 8 32 natural Grayson oak
Pro 8 32 Natural predate oak
Pro 8 32 white Brooklyn

Egger Pro8/32 V4

Pro8/32 V4 Amiens Oak
Pro8/32 V4 Asgil Oak
Pro8/32 V4 Beige Melba Oak
Pro8/32 V4 Brown Melba Oak
Pro8/32 V4 Cognac North Oak
Pro8/32 V4 Coloured Acacia
Pro8/32 V4 Light Brown Sherman Oak
Pro8/32 V4 Light Dunnington Oak
Pro8/32 V4 Light North Oak
Pro8/32 V4 Natural Grayson Oak

Floorpan Sun

Alacati Sun
Astana Walnut
Best Oak
Grey Oak Sun
Sun Black Sea
Sun Bugday
Sun Caramel
Sun Grey
Toronto Cam

Floorpan Sunex

Bronze Oak
Cuba Oak
FP Alacati
FP Grey Oak
FP Grey Walnut
Sahra Oak
Satin oak

Pergo Boden

Scalding Oak
Snug Oak
Summer Oak
Sunny Oak
Torrid Oak

Pergo Dalen

Brutal Grey
Feral Oak
Liv Oak
Pure Oak
Queens Oak
Rockefeller Oak
Wynn Oak
Zuri Oak

Pergo Mandal

0614 Misty
Classic Merbau
Dark Grey Oak
Maine Oak
Natural Oak
Pottery Oak
premium oak
Sea Stack Oak

Pergo Odense

Beaufort Oak
Clay Oak
Clear Oak
Dusk Oak
Oatmeal Oak
Vibrant oak

Vibrance Wide

Aged Castle Oak
Blazed Oak
Frappucinno Oak
Garda Oak
Loft White
Platinum Blond Oak
Savannah Oak
Wadi Rum Oak

Laminate Wooden Flooring

We have a wide range of commercial and residential laminate flooring available at our various branches. Laminate flooring is a good alternative to wood flooring, especially since the wood option could cost you quite a bit. But with laminate wood flooring you are able to save money and still achieve the desired look you want for your home or office. Laminate flooring can placed in any room of the house and it is easy to clean and to maintain.

Some of the options we have available is also suitable for commercial offices and will give your office a beautiful neat and modern appearance. The look and style of your office creates an impression on your customers so make sure that it’s a good one. The sophisticated laminated flooring that matches your office décor is a good way to welcome and impress your clients.

There are various styles and colours that you can choose from. The laminate flooring options you can choose include the following:

Pergo Wide Long, Pergo Modern, Pergo Classic, Pergo Big Slab, Vibrance 0V, Vibrance 4V, Vibrance 7, and Vibrance Pro 12.

These varieties each come in their own range of colours and you will find that the colours are in different shades of grey or a variety of brown hues. Our range comes in beautiful modern natural colours which are designed to complement any setting and décor, whether it will be installed in a residential or commercial setting.

If you are looking for quality laminate wood flooring and laminate flooring prices, get in contact with us to help you. Our qualified team knows our products inside out and will be able to give you the best advice possible based on what you are looking for. Find a branch that is close to you and get in touch with us for your laminate flooring prices and needs.