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Chilean Hazel
Gabon Nut
Mocker Nut
Pekea Nut

deZign 200

Black Silk
Borough Oak
Caffe Latte
Chalked Oak
Chateau Grey
Cottage Oak
Fawny Ash
Oak Mocca
Oatmeal Ash
Vintage Oak

deZign 300

Black Marble
Borough Oak
Carbonized Grey
Clouded Ash
Dark Grey
Elegant Grey
Greige Light
Greige Medium
Grey Marble
Light Ash
Medium Concrete Grey
Natural Oak
Oatmeal Ash
Stone Dark
Stone Light
Urban Mix Desert
Urban Mix Sky
White Marble
Wild Brown Walnut

deZign 250

Almond Oak
Authentic Oak
Blond Oak
Botanic Grey
Dark Oak
Harvest Oak
Polar Oak
Woodland Oak

Series 120

Castle Brown
Grand Oak
Nordic White
Sky Grey
Urban Silver Grey


Claro Walnut
Longleaf Pine
Norway Maple
Rock Elm
Santos Rosewood


Arbo 189L
Arbo 614D
Chalet Oak 363M
Natural Oak 160S
Natural Oak 226M
Natural Oak 639M
Natural Oak 936L
Natural Oak 947D
Natural Oak 994D

Luxury Vinyl Tile is another alternative flooring solutions for homes and office flooring. It is a vinyl tile that is designed with modern and quality features to give it an elegant finish.

Our range of Luxury Vinyl flooring Tiles is manufactured by the leaders in flooring solutions namely Belgotex, Pergo and deZign Floor. With these manufacturers you are assured of good quality and durable products that are made to last as well as to look aesthetically appealing. Each of these manufacturers have a reputation that precedes them because they have a history of satisfied customers. We are pleased to have their range part of our product offering because we believe in quality products for our customers.

Amongst these three manufacturers, Belgotex, Pergo and deZign Floor, the following Luxury Vinyl Tile options are available. These include Bayport, Charleston, Davenport, deZign 100, deZign 200, deZign 250, Fortitude, Hampton, Hardwood, Hartford, Hilton, Nottingham, Penninsula, Pergo LVT Classic, Pergo LVT Modern, Pergo LVT Tile, and Sylvan.

All of these Luxury Vinyl flooring Tiles are made of quality materials and in a range of colours that will suit for residential and commercial flooring as well. Whether it is the formal setting of a commercial office or the relaxed setting of a bedroom or lounge area. The application for Luxury Vinyl Tiles is up to your imagination. And you can make it part of the décor of the room. The colours range from light to dark natural tones and they have the look of a wood finish appearance.

You would never say that it’s vinyl tiles because it looks so elegant and stylish when you enter the room. It creates the impression of luxury and that of living a lifestyle of sophistication. For a beautifully designed space, Luxury Vinyl Tiles will fit in residential and commercial flooring perfectly.

If you want to find out more about our Luxury Vinyl Tiles range, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to assist you.