We offer a full range of
wall to wall carpets in
various colours, styles,
fibres and textures

Offering an extensive collection of wall to wall carpets or also know as boardroom carpets

Just as there are different options available for home carpeting, the same applies for commercial carpeting . Carpeting in the office, businesses , corporate, schools, places of worship and churches is becoming the favourite choice among office personnel and has quickly grown and proven to be a viable flooring. It is durable and hardwearing and can last for many years to come. Commercial carpeting is becoming more practical and user friendly. Used in many retail stores, business parks, shopping malls, banks, gyms and conference centre’s. Commercial carpeting are available in carpet rolls, carpet planks or carpet tiles.

Installation for carpeting used for Office Carpets, Church Carpets, School Carpets, Corporate Carpets, or anywhere commercial

Contact us for floor tenders , or tendering for your commercial projects. We are a level 1 BEE Rated Company with over 50 years in the business.

We supply & installall leading commercial carpet manufacturers, including Belgotex, Flooring Network, Nouwens and Monn Carpets .Carpet Planks, Carpet tiles or carpet blocks also allow for mixtures in colours and designs, making it possible to have custom design’s and layout. They are value for money, clean and they are highly cost effective carpet solutions. Commercial carpet tiles can be replaced easily and cost effectively. This is especially good if you're looking at using commercial carpet tiles to commercial shopping venues or other high traffic centres. Carpet tiles are a great solution to non-permanent flooring (like at trade shows or mobile display stands). This is due in part to the ability to have the tiles designed to be able to be installed in a dry installation fashion. An adhesive backing will be used on the other side of the tile which allows an even simpler install and an even simpler removal.

It's important to not only look for design, but also that the carpeting for offices or commercial area’s have the ability to maintain its shape and remain flat on the floor surface. Most contractors and builders prefer commercial flooring for there commercial projects, as well as for their own offices and outlets. Carpeting in the work space leads to a peaceful environment. Noise pollution can impact on the work of the people in the office and carpeting is a solution to reduce noise levels.


Belgotex Carpets

Nexus is created by Belgotex Floorcoverings, to service the unique needs of the commercial floorcovering market. Nexus offers a range of products designed to expand the floorcovering options available to architects, specifiers and designers. And, as the commercial division of the largest manufacturing operation in the Southern Hemisphere, you can be sure we've got a product to suit your project.

Nouwens Carpets

The heritage and quality associated with Nouwens carpets is a result of the superb craftsmanship and innovation that has been delivered by the company to South African homes and work spaces for almost half a century. Working in only superior natural and synthetic fibres, Nouwens strives to ensure durability and wearability, as well as exquisite aesthetic allure in the carpets it creates. Its systems and processes have been honed to ensure that the products it delivers are both technologically advanced and earth-friendly. It prides itself on understanding the décor market and constantly keeping up with local and international trends. It can therefore introduce styles, colouring and texture that best suit and compliment contemporary environments, while maintaining visual and comfort appeal during the lifetime of the product. Some people walk on their carpets. Others live on Nouwens.


Crossley specialises in woven Axminster and Wilton carpets for the top end of the residential market and for custom designed contracts where creativity, appearance retention, aesthetics and dimensional stability are prime factors. We invite you to wander through our installations and experience our creative spirit in casinos and cruise ships, hotels and homesteads, restaurants, clubs and conference venues.