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Belgotex - 50 Years Of Award Winning, Interior Design Flooring Products 

Beauty, Diversity, Quality.

Belgotex is Africa’s leading carpet and artificial grass manufacturer. As a soft flooring specialist, they design, make and distribute high-quality broadloom and modular carpets with custom solutions available to the commercial market. Their extensive portfolio includes luxury vinyl and specialist vinyls and artificial grass.

As a member of the multi-national Belgotex International Group, with 7 companies over 4 continents, Belgotex are proud to take Africa to the world. Their global footprint keeps them on the pulse of design, décor and lifestyle trends that enrich the brand experience they deliver on home soil.

With over 75 ranges of different flooring options for indoors and out, Belgotex has something for everyone. Offering five types of flooring, from carpeting, vinyl, artificial grass, underlays and rubber, their extensive portfolio guarantees a high-quality flooring solution with the latest technology.

Their purpose, founded upon creativity, communication and collaboration, positions them to nurture meaningful connections with customers and valued partners. In this way, Belgotex strive to be better every day, both as a source of inspiration and the knowledge they hold as experienced manufacturers. 

Browse through the diverse ranges here: 

All Products: Bedroom to Boardroom. Explore products designed to elevate the spaces where life unfolds. Our catalogue includes premium broadloom and modular carpets for the softer spaces. We also offer a generous range of luxury and specialised vinyl flooring suited for high-traffic areas. Characterised by robustness and cotemporary styling, our products make an excellent choice for your next flooring project. 

All Carpets: Comfort First. Whether you’re looking for hard-wearing carpet tiles for your state-of-the-art office building, or something softer for your lounge, we offer products designed with modern living in mind. With durability, and timeless design at their core, our carpets help you create the right atmosphere in any context. 

All Vinyl: Keep Moving. Explore our range of specialised and luxury vinyl flooring products. Engineered to be hard-wearing and easy to maintain, while still being cost-effective, our vinyl products excel in a range of applications spanning commercial and residential areas. 

All Residential: Live Better. Browse flooring that’s been designed with your home in mind. These products will help you create a space that serves as an escape from everyday life. With their softness, durability, stainproof technology, and contemporary styling, our residential products make an excellent choice for your home. 

All Commercial: Work It. Create an environment that’s as forward-looking as your business. These products are perfect for the commercial sector, being a vibrant blend of practicality and style. They are hard-wearing, contemporary, versatile, and cost-effective to install and maintain – making them an easy choice for any business. 

All Hospitality: Welcome. Browse flooring with hospitality at its core. Designed to create spaces that feel inviting, these products are perfect for high-traffic areas. Peace-of-mind comes standard when it comes to these ranges – think stainproof and easy to clean. 

All Retail: Looks That Sell. Designed to endure high-traffic spaces, our retail products are an excellent choice for your next project. These products are stainproof, come in a variety of both bold and classic colourways, and can be used in everything from changing rooms to showrooms, making them ideal for an extensive range of retail applications. 

Call your local floor & home specialist team at Carpet And Decor, and we’ll help you choose the best Belgotex product for a stunning interior design outcome. From broadloom, vinyl tiles, carpet tiles, rubberised surfaces to cushioned vinyl - Belgotex’s 50 years of experience gives you market-leading solutions.

Belgotex Floors have been covering surfaces in homes and offices for over 30 years by providing Belgotex carpets in South Africa. From humble beginnings as Natal Nylon Industries in 1983 to a member of the multinational Belgotex International Group with 7 companies over 4 continents, Belgotex Floors has developed into the leading soft flooring manufacturer in Africa.

With over 48 ranges of different flooring options for indoors and out, Belgotex Floors provides a world of choice in soft floor coverings. Offering five types of flooring including Belgotex carpeting, vinyl, artificial grass, underlays and rubber, our extensive portfolio guarantees a high-quality flooring solution with the latest technology.

We spend significant resources investing in modern plant machinery that forms the foundation for manufacturing excellence.We pride ourselves on being pioneers in the flooring sector, leading by design and being the first to introduce the latest flooring technology.

“Innovation is part of our DNA and Belgotex boasts a legacy of firsts offering the latest hi-tech products and treatments for carpets, vinyl and artificial lawn,” explains Chief Executive Frank Moffat.

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