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Carpet & Decor brings you many reasons and advantages of having under carpet heating:

The under carpet is waterproof and safe to use. Foil base forms safety "earth shield" against accidental puncture or damage. The heating materials are hidden, because they are under the carpet (sitting between the carpet & the underfelt). You don't see it and that means you don't have to worry about storage as its permanently useable and hidden away. The under heating can be used under any modern polypropylene or hessian-backed and woven carpets. Coir and Sisal Carpets can also be used. Foam-backed and rubber carpets will not allow for undercarpet heating. The under carpet heating has been designed so that it does not overheat. This allows for the under carpeting heating to be left on continuously. Different timers and thermostats are available as different options for extra controlling of the under floor carpet heating. With Carpet & Decor, its can be installed with new carpeting, or old and existing carpets. They can even be fitted to loose laying rugs. The best part is that there is no digging or any mess to install

Good quality underlay allows for more heat in the room, with less heat loss. Preferably a minimum of 1000gsm should be used when using under carpet heating.Undercarpet heating is effective within 30 minutes from when one switches it on. You heat the area you need, when you need it.An under carpet heater uses less power than three 100 watt light bulbs.It's simple to use, switched on and off at a wall socket. The heating is as so thin that one won't even feel it under there feet.Warm yourself up with warmup.