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WD90 Super QUICKGRIP Hi Tack multipurpose Acrylic Adhesive WD91 Ultra QuickGrip Multi-purpose acrylic latex adhesive. Suitable for PP backed carpets WD219XE Super Permtac Solvent-free PSA carpet adhesive. May be used directly on bitumen floors WD228XE Ultra Permtac Solvent-free PSA carpet adhesive. High strength, PSA. Also for removable flooring V435 Super Contact Adhesive Brush grade flammable. For exterior work and vertical walls. V440 Super non-flammable Contact Adhesive brush grade B611 Synthetic Rubber Carpet Adhesive flammable carpet adhesive

Use any of the choices above - in addition:
A660 Two pack PU adhesive Fast setting. For exterior use, and in areas of frequent water immersion. A663 Flow Grade Panel Adhesive Slow setting. For exterior use, and in areas of frequent water immersion D92 Anti-static Adhesive Anti-static A659 PVC Floor tile Adhesive Anti-static V443AS Non-flammable anti-static Contact Adhesive T509AF Bituminous solvent-based Flooring Adhesive Flammable

(parquet, mosaic & strip flooring)
W598 Water-based Mosaic Wood Block Adhesive Only suitable for natural hardwoods A660 GP Panel Adhesive Fast setting, and for areas of frequent immersion TBE1 BLOKSTIK Flooring Adhesive Latex-based. May be used directly on old bitumen floors GB690 PEKASET One-part Polyurethane Flooring Adhesive Elastic product with gap-filling properties E751 Jaycoseal 217 water-based Epoxy Primer Acts as a moisture vapour barrier G317 Twinpack epoxy-amide Primer Suitable for wet surfaces

V440 Super non-flammable contact adhesive A663 Twinpack Polyurethane Adhesive

W70 Plasterbond sealer and cement additive Latex based G657 One Pack Polyurethane concrete primer For damp screeds G223 Acrylic Solvent-based primer and brick dressing G132 Floor Varnish for wood floors Twin pack, acid cure G654 Polyurethane Alkyd Varnish P2179 PVC Weld Cement for joining vinyl sheeting