Laminate Flooring

Laminate wood floorcoverings have added a new dimension to the flooring industry over the last decade.

Add a new dimension to your floor
with our Laminate Flooring
designs and colours.

At Carpet and Décor we offer you laminate wood flooring that looks and feels of real wood for a fraction of the price. Laminate flooring brings style to any home and office space. Using the latest technology to stimulate strain, graining and texture of wood, our laminate floors are produced to such high quality that it replicates the look of hardwood floors or natural stone to the point where it’s difficult to tell the difference. It is durable and low-maintenance and offers you a variety of styles from glossy to matte finishes, laminate provides detailed surface textures that are balanced for stylish décor options.

Apart from laminate flooring being affordable, the additional benefits are it is easy to install. Laminate wood flooring is also scratch, dent, fade and stain resistant, hygienic and super easy to clean. Laminate wood flooring can handle heavy foot traffic areas with ease and has an indentation which means it can suit the lifestyle of a busy family. Laminate flooring lasts well beyond the average time that homeowners spend in a property before moving. With a regular sweep using a microfibre mop or soft broom and the occasional damp mop is all that is needed to keep your floors looking striking. With laminate floors, you can enjoy the luxury of not needing professional carpet cleaners to bring your stained carpets back to life. With our durable flooring options, you can sit back and enjoy quality for years to come.

A Few Benefits of Laminate Wood Flooring:

- Low maintenance

- Stable and secure

- Comfortable and soft

- Environmentally friendly

- Natural and easy to install

- Highly durable

Some other popular flooring options we provide include: 

  • Vinyl Flooring

  • Woody Vinyl LVT

  • Bamboo Flooring

  • Engineered Wood

  • Parquet Wood

With laminate flooring, you can easily add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. Laminate is suitable for most areas of your home, including space like your dining room, lounge, living areas, hallways and bedrooms.

At Carpet and Décor, we offer an extensive range of laminate wood flooring looks, styles and colours and other flooring solutions and we also make sure you get the right fit for your home. Simply view our showroom online to see the wide variety for you to choose from.