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Luxury Vinyl Click Floors are the latest trends in Vinyl or wood flooring It gives the look of a Wood Vinyl floor, with a feel of the Vinyl flooring Its more water-resistant compared to laminates, softer and less noisy

Interlocking Vinyl Planks, Wooden Flooring Alternative

Interlocking vinyl planks are a superb wooden flooring alternative product to choose if you want:
  • Style
  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • Almost zero impact on current floor levels,
  • Fewer demolition impacts and dirt during installation
  • Shorter project times.
The product is plank sized so that the laid pattern emulates a real timber floor installation in the case of the wood design Concrete and marble give the look of real flooring to match its design The manufacturing process creates a multilayered product of PVC vinyl. A decorative layer is then thermally adhered onto the top of the ‘plank’ followed by another protective layer that comes in domestic or commercial grades. From homes to airports, there is a vinyl plank solution for your project. The decorative layer of the interlocking vinyl planks gives a wide variety of styles and wood looks that fit with diverse interior design themes. From elegant and formal to laid-back holiday homes – there is a suitable option for you. You get a beautiful floor that looks like wooden flooring, but it is virtually maintenance-free, durable in family or business environments and resistant to stains.

Interlocking Vinyl Planks Advantages, Wooden Flooring Alternative

Besides gorgeous, interlocking vinyl planks come loaded with benefits, such as:
  • Underfoot comfort – This stylish product is super comfortable and soft underfoot or just to lie on when playing with the kids. As a retail surface, it reduces staff fatigue as well as reflective noise.
  • Diverse options – At Carpet And Decor, we will impress you with the diverse style options available. From quiet, practical styles to classic elegance or a distressed look for the aged, vintage look – we have it all. Beautify your home, office or retail store.
  • Durable – Hands down, interlocking vinyl planks beat the socks off real wooden flooring when it comes to durability. Have the floor installed and experience decades of joy from it.
  • Stains and water – This magical product will resist stains, grease and water, so you can use it in your bathroom as well! The other benefit of using it in the bathroom is that it is warm underfoot. No more cold porcelain tiles.
  • Low maintenance – This product is super easy to look after – sweep or vacuum and whip a mop over it. Done!
  • Cost-effective – No more dipping into home loans to get a beautiful warm, wood look into your interior! Save 10’s of thousands by using interlocking vinyl flooring and still enjoy a luxury look and feel.

Interlocking Vinyl Planks Supplier, Wooden Flooring Alternative

At Carpet And Decor, you can expect to always receive premium quality vinyl planks at cost-effective prices with solid product advice. If you have selected the perfect wood-look planks for your interior, get a quote from us and be delighted with the competitive pricing we offer.