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Beautify your wall with different options of Wallpaper. From your classic design to  modern 3D patterns as well as custom made designs now available. Adding wallpaper to your home creates warmth, as well as a feature. Wallpaper is perfect for your home, hotel or office. We have a wide variety of options available.

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Transform Your Interior Instantly with wallpaper

The Power Of Wallpaper

Discover an inspiring world of wallcoverings in our online store and showrooms, representing the top wallpaper designers from around the world. We have options for every budget and style to make sure every home in South Africa gets the amazing beauty of wallpaper gracing its walls. Our wallpaper ranges will delight you and create the most stunning transformations of your beloved interiors. Watch your property value soar, along with the envy of your friends!

We have plains, patterns, statement designs, classic styles, contemporary styles, natural styles and anything you can think of to create an award-winning backdrop to your unique furniture, window treatments and architecture. Wallpaper is a powerful way of pulling all our interior design elements together with an instant effect. From subdued to exciting, elegant to eclectic, mature to youthful ‒ wave that magical wallpaper wand and voila, a brand new interior!

The Benefits Of Wallpaper

With double volume spaces in today’s architecture, the interior will benefit from the aesthetic warmth introduced by wallpaper.

Want a dramatic effect? Choose a metallic wallpaper for an instant Hollywood glamour instead of high-hassle, high-maintenance, exorbitantly priced installations of mirrors or solid metal cladding.

Want a touch of luxury? Nothing says luxury like wallpaper! Paint cannot achieve the luxury quotient of wallpaper.

Our wallpapers for sale are easy to install and can be stripped easily in future decades. Faster and more impactful than a paint project and far less mess. No splatters on your flooring, light fixtures or furniture, nor teams of contractors in your space for days. You can also expect a lifespan of more than fifteen years from your wallpaper.

Unlike paint, our wallpapers come in a huge range of finishes from matt to shiny, soft and flocked to natural 3D fibre patterns and highly detailed 3D patterns.

Another wonderful benefit is that most wallpapers can be wiped clean!

You will battle to find a wall treatment that gives the same impact as one of our gorgeous wallpapers. Reflect your personality and style and boost your property value overnight!

Choose your perfect option from our wallpapers for sale today!