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Belgotex Arabian Sea
Belgotex Baltic Sea
Belgotex Celtic Sea
Belgotex Hudson Bay
Belgotex Mediteranean Sea
Belgotex Mozambique Channel
Belgotex Persian Gulf
Belgotex Sulu Sea
Belgotex Timor Sea
Belgotex Yellow Sea

City Life

City Life Florence
City Life Moscow
City Life Paris
City Life Sydney
City Life Venice

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Belgotex Cloud Break
Belgotex Dryland
Belgotex Headland
Belgotex Horizon
Belgotex Rocky Edge
Belgotex Sunrise
Belgotex Sunset
Belgotex Thunder
Belgotex Twilight
Belgotex Vasper




Pebble Bear Creek
Pebble Blue Wave
Pebble Charming
Pebble Clay Beige
Pebble Concrete Grey
Pebble Elephant
Pebble Gentle Grey
Pebble Intimate
Pebble Lead
Pebble Liaison
Pebble Passion
Pebble River
Pebble Rubin Red
Pebble Smoke
Pebble Web Grey


Perpetual Agora
Perpetual Alanya
Perpetual Danby
Perpetual Kerman
Perpetual Penetelic

Residential and Commercial Carpets by Carpet & Décor 

Carpet & Décor is one of the leading carpet and flooring suppliers in and around South Africa. We lead the carpet market in style, variety and quality. As you know carpets have always been an everlasting flooring favourite and the first choice for many, therefore all our carpets are made from the highest quality products following the latest trends. Our carpets are comfortable and indulgent and come in limitless patterns, colours and designs. Choosing the right carpets is a vital decision to make, one that you will live with for years to come. Your floor is the base of your interior space and will surely set the tone for the look and feel you want the room to portray. If you’re looking for carpets – Carpet & Décor has the knowledge and experience to assist with your carpet projects.

Our Range

Our range includes a variety of belgotex and nouwens in many styles and colours, making it a perfect fit for residential and commercial spaces. We supply quality carpets available in a variety of styles and textures to provide you with different options to fit any interior décor design. You can browse and purchase from our online range, this includes shopping for our specials and clearance sales without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Our Products and Services

At Carpet & Décor, we pride ourselves in providing you with the best quality, creativity and an exceptional customer service experience. Also, we strive to offer you affordable carpets in all shapes and sizes. Our team is well trained and will guide you through the process and provide you with best-recommended carpet flooring finish that is suitable for your required space and needs. We ensure our staff is well trained to provide you with up to date information on our latest products. Our dedicated sales teams will ensure clear communication throughout the process from product selection to complete product installation.

At Carpet & Décor our extensive knowledge and experience in flooring. If you are looking for assistance with your home or commercial project – we can help. Creating a perfect space starts with your carpets – with its superior noise reduction and insulating qualities. Visit our website to view our catalogue and place your order today!