Wood Vinyl LVT

Wood vinyl planks have the look of real hardwood flooring, with matching grain textures and colours.

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of Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Wood vinyl floor planks are the latest trend in the South African wood flooring market. The vinyl planks are available in a glue down as well as in a click system (no glue). Wood vinyl planks are durable and long lasting, mixed with a wide variety of looks, including modern, elgant and classy. This market is the fastest growing sector in wood flooring in South Africa at the moment. There is a wide variety of colours currently available in the market.

Wood vinyl planks have the look of real hardwood flooring, with matching grain textures and colours. LVT's look like real wood but have all the benefits of the Cushion Vinyl flooring in that is its softer on the feet, warmer than ceramic & wooden floors and also its water resistent, which allows for easier cleaning and looking after. the softness on the feet is also an added benefit as it does not make as much noise as the laminate flooring.

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Laminate Wood Flooring
Laminate wood floor coverings have added a new dimension to the flooring industry over the last decade. It's stylish and has been established as a firm favourite for trendsetting homeowners. Due to its versatility laminate flooring is suitable for virtually all room types. Laminate flooring brings practicality and panache to any home or office space. Using the latest technology, laminate floors are produced at a high standard.

Laminate wood flooring is an extremely durable flooring surface designed for high traffic areas and is an excellent choice for homes with children or pets. All laminate floors have an incredibly hard and durable wear layer finish and provide better scratch and dent resistance when compared to solid hardwood floors and vinyl floors. Laminate flooring is a very liveable flooring solution, with most good manufacturers providing warranties against wear and tear. It looks and feels of a real wood structure. Laminate floors are a floating floor system that is not designed to be secured to the sub-floor but float to adjust to the temperature and humidity levels of the interior environment. They can be installed over an existing floor, sub-floor, or even concrete. The most popular brands now on the market feature a glueless click system that easily snaps together.

Laminating flooring is designed to look and feel similar to solid wood but it's much easier to install and can be used in more areas of your home. This would be the perfect investment for the interior of your home. Laminating is synthetic and can be designed to look like authentic wood or stone. Technology allows manufacturers to replicate the true texture of hardwood or stone.

We give you a few benefits of Laminate Wood Flooring;

Low Maintenance
Stable and Secure
Comfortable and Soft
Environmentally Friendly
Natural and Easy to Install
Highly durable
Now available in plank, block and patterns – you have a variety to choose from. Our team is highly passionate and highly skilled to assist you with all your flooring requirements. With great knowledge of our extensive range - Contact us for more info on laminate flooring products and prices.