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Laminate Floor Care

Care For Your Designer Laminate Floor

Investing in a laminate floor is a wise decision. You get an excellent return on investment for a truly beautiful product that spreads warmth and style throughout the interior. In addition to the elegance and property value increase, the care for a laminate floor is super easy, and it suits any future style updates. The list of benefits keeps getting longer as your smile keeps getting wider.

To keep your precious laminate floors in tip-top condition and your interior looking pristine, we have put together a helpful Care Guide that also includes maintenance advice. Don’t worry, the word ‘maintenance’ implies elbow grease and perspiration, but this is merely ‘gentle, loving care’ of your gorgeous timber-based laminate flooring.

By following our Care Guide, the laminate flooring on sale will look brand new for many years to come.

Steps To Care For Laminate Floors:


  • Sweep or vacuum your laminate floor as soon as you pick up there is dirt, grime or pet dander on it. This is important because these different particles and aggregates work together like sandpaper as you walk over the floor. Gradually over a few days, this will be a light abrasion, dulling the top layer. Whether you have solid timber, engineered flooring or laminate flooring, the sweeping and vacuuming requirement is the same.
  • Next, it is recommended that you follow the sweep or vacuum with a damp cloth mop. The important word is “damp” and the key warning is “NOT wet”, i.e. no drips of water from the mop.
  • If a spill of any liquid occurs, fast action is recommended. Wipe up the liquid quickly and, if the liquid was anything other than water, do a quick mop with a non-abrasive household cleaner.
  • The feet of furniture put an enormous force onto their, sometimes, tiny plastic, steel or other endpoints. In addition, the underside of these endpoints is never as smooth as glass, and they get dust and aggregates stuck underneath. When the pieces of furniture are moved, they can scratch, scrape and gouge out the floor. Adhere protective pads beneath those little feet and check every few months if they are still there.


  • Yes, we are going on and on about this point, but do NOT put anything wet on your floor nor “flood” it when cleaning it. No wet vacuum, no steam cleaning. The steam heat will delaminate the top surface, and the moisture will cause the planks to expand and twist.
  • Choose a vacuum cleaner with a “beater bar head” as part of its cleaning methodology. That is for carpets. If you do have one but the beater can be turned off, then ensure it is in the off position.
  • High heels, ESPECIALLY stilettos, are mortal enemies of any timber floor. Take those heels off at the front door and switch into high heeled wedge shoes or your home shoes.
  • Cycling shoes with cleats, golf shoes, rugby boots, etc., are also not to be worn on timber floors – unless you want a pockmarked floor within the first month.
  • Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals and if you are in doubt, call our helpful team for advice. The installer can also give you excellent advice on cleaning products.

We hope this Care Guide for laminate flooring has been helpful. Don’t hesitate to call us with questions or advice. We’re always here to help you!