Discover The Top 4 Residential Carpet Trends

Residential Carpet

Residential carpets are a timeless trend and will always bring warmth, elegance and style to an interior. To be honest, they did fall out of favour when new products burst onto the interior design scene, but being classic, interior designers and homeowners are returning to include carpets as a design element in their homes.

Keep reading to learn about three of the latest carpet trends.

1) Textured Carpet Trend

Carpets are, by default, already very textured. However, this texture varies significantly due to the way it is woven, colourway, type of fibre used, length of fibres, length variances and thickness of the fibre.

Consider a loop weave, in a trending herringbone pattern with a monochromatic colourway.

2) Environmentally Friendly Materials

The world’s population is highly focused on sourcing environmentally friendly materials for homes, businesses and more. As your top home carpet supplier, we are here to support you in your desire to purchase products that do not harmful to your beautiful environment.

Choose a custom-made carpet with mixed or purely natural yarns like wool, sisal or seagrass that are from renewable sources.

3) Make An Impact

The carpet mills will produce designs with abstract artworks, classic stripes or intriguing patterns and will be use diverse colourways, from monochromatic neutrals to strong colours. Your humble floor will be your new canvas for creativity!

After the dull news of the past few years, people are going wild for bold colours this year and beyond. These will be clashed together with surprising patterns that turn floors into strong design features.

Floors have often hardly been given a second thought. No more! The interior design will be starting from the floor up. And for those city dwellers, don’t feel left out. Bold colours work in smaller city apartments just as well ‒ it doesn’t have to be a rolling mansion!

A bold, busy carpet is ideal for a small room rather than a bold, busy wallpaper. The latter can be very overwhelming, whereas the carpet will be concealed and revealed at different times, depending on where you are standing or sitting in the room. This creates ongoing interest, which is a key goal of interior design!

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