Introducing The Top Ten Carpet Trends For 2024

If you want to add a touch of luxury and comfort to your home, carpets are indeed the way to go.

Here are the top 10 carpet trends that we have noted and expect to see in 2024.

Wall-To-Wall Carpets Are Back

For a long time, wall-to-wall carpets were widely regarded as unhygienic, but this opinion has shifted. Not only are wall-to-wall carpets seen as more aesthetically pleasing, but there is growing support for the idea that carpets are actually useful for trapping dust and making your home’s air more breathable.

Sustainable Aesthetics

One of the most notable rising trends in carpeting is the use of sustainable design options. Carpets made from naturally textured materials, such as wool or jute, are increasingly popular, creating an organic feel for your home.

Flower Power

There is a growing trend for bright and flashy floral prints on carpets, creating a lively and vivid decor style.

Chequered Carpets

interior designers are opting for these carpets, whether they are black and white or colourful chequered carpets.

Black-And-White Is In

The timelessness of black and white carpets is what makes them so appealing, along with their compatibility with a wide variety of different decor colour options.

Abstract Geometry

One of the rising trends in carpeting is for patterns that fit right in with modern decor sensibilities. These include geometric forms and abstract art laid out on carpets with vivid colours and bold designs.

Fluffy And Cosy

Going into 2024, you can expect that long-pile carpets that are fluffy and soft underfoot will be increasingly popular, especially for living rooms where comfort, warmth, and cosiness are seen as a priority.

Tactile And Textured Carpets

Although all carpets are textured, those with woven fibres of varying sizes, thicknesses, and heights are enjoying a resurgence in popularity.


Many homeowners are opting to install runners to complement their beautiful wooden flooring. In particular, stair runners and hallway runners are increasingly popular for highlighting a home and adding an accent of comfort to a space.

Neutral Colours

Neutral palettes are in fashion, as they allow decor specialists the freedom to complement them with a variety of different accents and styles.

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