Laminate Flooring

Is Laminate Flooring Right For You?

Well, let’s take a look at this in more depth. Laminate flooring emerged on the residential scene quite a while ago and it is simple and easy to install. Plus it is durable and an even more so attractive alternative to normal solid hardwood flooring.

The technology surrounding it has advanced in leaps and bounds since its induction. Features such as sharper high definition imaging, deeper embossing, better seaming mechanisms and a ton of other innovations.

Average material costs for plastic laminate flooring range from R15.00 to R45.00 per square foot at big-box home centres, but you can spend as much as R150.00 or R180.00 per square foot for designer products. Many very good laminates can be found in the affordable R30.00 to R45.00 range.

Laminate floors are easy to clean with a vacuum or broom. Mop with a slightly damp mop, or better yet, use laminate floor cleaner. No floor waxing is ever necessary for laminate floors. Avoid excessive water when mopping, which can seep into the seams between boards, causing swelling.

One really great feature about laminate flooring is that you can design it in such a way that it can reproduce the look of wood, stone and other natural materials. Unlike hardwood, which comes standard with many imperfect pieces that need to be discarded or trimmed down, there will be no defects in laminate flooring.

Laminate floors is a strong, scratch-resistant, and highly durable flooring surface. Protected by a tough external layer and resin coating. It’s great for high traffic areas and houses where there are pets and children. Now this is really great, especially if you have a little baby in the house along with furry pets who have more hair than Chewbacca!

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