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Should You List Carpets or Wooden Floors in Office Floor Tenders?

Choosing the right flooring for your office needs can impact your brand value as well as your staff comfort and engagement, so it is prudent to be careful what you list when you go out to tender with a corporate, hospitality or retail flooring tender. Choosing a vinyl wooden flooring, carpet or engineered wooden floor tender item without careful area-by-area assessment could leave you disappointed.

Important Points to Consider for Your Floor Tenders

When renovating your business interior, you should consider these important factors for your flooring:

  • Robustness of product – Be careful not to select domestic-grade products.
  • Acoustics – A floor strongly influences the acoustic comfort of a room, e.g. hard flooring bounces sound around.
  • Slip-factor – Slip and trip are the legal bugbear of many legal departments. Test the flooring before installing.
  • Longevity – Get a guarantee for the lifespan of the product based on your usage statistics.

Why are These Points a Priority?

Choosing commercial grade flooring is step 1 in any flooring tender, regardless of whether it is carpet or wooden flooring you are aiming for.

Acoustic discomfort in an area will cause customers to leave quickly (which you might want) and will be mentally tiring for your staff, thereby increasing errors and absenteeism and decreasing engagement.

Not only is a floor’s lifespan based on foot count, it is also subject to the correct installation, location and maintenance of the product. A vinyl wooden flooring, carpet or engineered wooden floor tender item may be suitable for indoors, but if your location gets 8 hours of sun a day, this may be unsuitable.

If the maintenance staff do not have a cleaning manual, they might use aggressive cleaning materials or equipment that will weaken your floor over time.

It is vital from an ethical and legal perspective to have the right anti-slip floor or a layer added on top. An anti-slip sealer will require annual top-ups (or adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions).

Material Selection for Each Area

You will get a better selection of materials for each area of your business if you visit it and assess the usage, noise levels, temperature, light levels and other factors.

Reception: This is your first contact with clients, staff or investors. Luxury commercial grade, vinyl wooden or engineered wood flooring will give you an attractive, robust, long-lasting and acoustically-effective floor.

Meeting rooms: Meeting rooms need greater comfort levels and an image of success. The lower foot count allows for attractive, commercial carpeting.

Kitchen or pause areas: These more relaxed spaces tend to get more ‘stuff’ on the floors. Vinyl or rubber flooring works brilliantly, is easy to clean and has great anti-slip characteristics.

Office space: A hard tile floor throughout the office space will be acoustically challenging and will tire out staff faster. Consider commercial-grade carpet tiles for acoustic and physical comfort. Your interior temperatures will also be more stable.

The options are limitless! Let our team of experts help you choose the best floor tender products.

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