Care and Maintenance

Care for Carpet

carpet care

How do I care for Carpet?

When following the flooring maintenance and care guides, it becomes simple and easy to maintain the fresh look of your new floor. With proper care and treatment of your carpet, it will increase the lifespan as well as the performance of the carpet, giving you years of enjoyment  Whether you choose to clean it yourself or hire a professional, make sure to check your carpet warranty for any maintenance instructions. Almost all carpet warranties will require that you have a professional clean your carpets every 18-24 months.

What To Do:

  • Vacuum heavy traffic areas twice a week — be sure to review maintenance instructions for vacuum cleaners that are approved for use on your specific floor type.
  • Rotating the furniture in the room can help with the prevention of permanent indentation.
  • Perform a deep cleaning (or have a professional cleaning done) in high traffic areas every 18-24 months.

What Not To Do:

  • Abstain from using any household cleaners that are not approved in your maintenance instructions.
  • Do not use any cleaning methods that are not mentioned within the manufacturer label in order to maintain your manufacturer warranty.