When to Replace Your Carpet? Factors to Consider

Have you been considering replacing your carpets? Not too sure if now is the right time? Battling to justify the significant expense?

Here at Carpet & Decor, we supply all types of flooring, including carpets for homes and offices. In this article, we’ll give you a few factors to consider to help you decide when to replace your carpet.

The Age of Your Carpet

Many carpet specialists say that the average lifespan of a carpet is around 10 years. After that, your carpet may begin retaining harmful particles and show signs of wear and tear. An older carpet may also seem outdated and may not fit in well with your modern furniture and other household items. If this is the case, you may want to start looking for carpets for sale.

The Condition of Your Carpet

When was the last time you inspected your carpets? While some wear and tear is obvious, other signs of ageing are a bit more subtle. Have a careful look at your carpets. Do you notice any fraying? What about bald patches or mould? It’s always a good idea to keep a close eye on your carpets and keep note of their condition.

Allergy Issues

Unfortunately, carpets can hold dust particles. As your carpet ages, it may retain more of these harmful particles, which can lead to allergy-like symptoms like sneezing, coughing, and an itchy throat. Carpets in offices may cause further issues, such as a decrease in production if employees are constantly sick.

Unsightly Stains

One of the major downsides to having carpeted floors is that they are susceptible to stubborn stains. While you can cover certain stains with rugs and furniture, there comes a time when you grow tired of the unsightly marks on your carpet, and you’re ready to simply replace them. If the rest of your carpet is in fairly good condition, then there may not be a need to replace all of it. However, it may be difficult to find an exact match for certain exclusive carpets.

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