Underfloor Heating

Why You Should Consider Getting Underfloor Heating Even In Summer

Underfloor Heating Even In Summer

The winter has come and gone, and it’s very clearly getting colder every winter. In some parts of South Africa, it is cold in the mornings and nights, even during the warmer seasons. Underfloor heating keeps your feet cosy and your rooms at perfect temperatures. Walking across your heated carpets feels like you’re constantly wearing socks on your feet.

Underfloor heating comes in either an electrical system or a hydraulic system. The hydraulic system comprises either a dry or wet system, depending on the pipe setup. The most common of these is the electrical system.

Either one of the systems is laid under a beautiful carpet and is not actually seen. This allows you to keep that stunning aesthetic of whichever room you apply heating to.

Keep reading to learn about our three primary reasons why you should consider underfloor heating for your property, even during the summer months.

Financial Sense

We understand that this system can cost quite an initial sum of money, but underfloor heating prices need to be understood and seen as more of an investment. As with all investments, it will pay dividends in the long run.

Underfloor heating is much more economically friendly compared to traditional heaters. Therefore, your monthly bills will start to decline as you save on precious electricity.

Clean & Orderly

Unlike their counterparts, your underfloor heating systems will not require the regular cleaning and maintenance that is required with more traditional heaters. This ensures that your space is kept as clear as possible and that no bacteria can grow.

Not only is it actually cleaner, but it also gives more of a sleek, clean look. There are no heaters hanging off of any walls or plugged into any sockets as potential fire hazards. Your guests will not even know the system is there until they get that pleasant surprise.

Happy Heating

The beauty of an underfloor heating system is the even heat distribution that can be achieved. This means that no one has to get up and try to huddle near the heater to get warm. Everyone in the room will get sufficient, even-temperature heat ‒ enough heat to make the room nice and toasty.

If you are looking for assistance with your carpet and underfloor heating, we at Carpet and Decor have the experience and expertise to guide you in the right direction! Reach out to us, your preferred underfloor heating suppliers, today.