Interlocking Tiles

Why You Should Be Considering Interlocking Tiles

Interlocking Tiles

There has been a rise recently on social media for interlocking tiles due to the industry advances to improve their appearance and versatility. Have you ever considered getting interlocking tiles for your property?

Whether for your home or business, there are many benefits to using them. The most popular places we have noticed people using them are the garage, gym (including the home gym) and outdoor patios.

Let’s explore why we believe you should consider interlocking tiles for your property.

Easy Installation

As the name suggests, these tiles lock together, making the installation quick and easy. There is no need for concrete placements or fittings like you would need with traditional flooring, such as carpets and slab tiles.

You will not need to pay any labours to put them in. You and your family members or colleagues could easily and quickly put them together and possibly have a fun bonding activity in the process. Your kids will love the puzzle aspect!

Simple Cleaning & Maintenance 

The firm connections of the tiles allow for little to no dirt to get between the pieces. To clean them, you simply need a broom to sweep and a mop to wash. No vacuum cleaner is required as you would need for carpets.

We mentioned above that these tiles lock together like puzzle pieces. The benefit of this is that if one of the tiles were to get scuffed, worn out or damaged, replacing one tile would be a simple process. You would not need to rip out anything, and you can just purchase one tile to replace. You can imagine that the price of interlocking tiles is much cheaper than removing and replacing a concrete tile.

Durable & Protective

As an interlocking tile stockist, we have been impressed by the durability of these rubber tiles. This makes them perfect for spaces where you do not want your floor to be damaged. Think of your gyms, where the weights are dropped onto the floor almost daily. You need a tile that can absorb this impact and not break.

Garages are another popular area since there are many hard items such as tools and heavy boxes. There has also been a rise in people using these tiles as a protective layer to park their cars on, protecting the garage floors from any damage or scuff marks.

These tiles are very easy to install and maintain, durable and cost-efficient, and if you can find interlocking tiles on sale, you should jump at the opportunity!

We only work with the best interlocking tiles suppliers in the area, so browse our range online or Google “interlocking tiles near me” to find our branch near you. You can also contact us here for a free quote.