Flooring With Vinyl

vinyl flooring

These days, homeowners are spoilt for choice with flooring options. Carpet, timber, tiles, laminate and even vinyl are all great additions to any home ‒ each with its own strengths. And while it often just comes down to price and preference, we are seeing more and more customers choosing vinyl flooring specialists to fit their floors. Not only are these floors superior looking, but they also have an exclusive feel that adds character to your home.

Here are just some of the advantages vinyl flooring can offer you.

Cheaper Alternative

Although many wish to have hardwood flooring installed in their homes, it is not as feasible to do so. Wooden floors are quite expensive and require more maintenance than other types of materials. The advantage of vinyl is that you can have the look of hardwood without the price tag or the effort. With so many variants, styles and colours available to choose from, you won’t even notice that it isn’t really wood.

Quicker Fitment

Unlike tiles, timber or carpet, vinyl flooring is quicker to fit and install. There’s not much downtime or mess to clean up afterwards, meaning that you can return to normal at home within days. While it is a much easier installation than other materials, we always recommend using a professional to fit your vinyl floors. Specialists are equipped to work fast but also have the expertise to prevent damage and prioritise safety on the job.

Easy Cleaning

Maintenance of your floors will keep them in excellent condition for years to come. With tiles, carpet and timber, there is much more to do than with vinyl flooring. Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping are all you need to do to maintain the structure and appearance of your vinyl floors. However, excessive water use or waterlogging of your floors can cause swelling, but this tends to be an issue with any type of material.

If you are not completely sold on why you should opt for vinyl flooring, this article can help you make an informed decision. Get a free vinyl flooring quote from Carpet and Decor today, or pop into one of our branches across Gauteng to shop our vinyl flooring sale.