The Benefits Of Underfloor Heating

Water Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating in South Africa is a marvel of the modern era. It allows one to heat the whole home in a smooth manner, and it is a delight to feel under your feet during colder winter months.

There are many benefits to underfloor heating. Experts like us at Carpet & Decor know well how much underfloor heating sales help our clients. Let us take a look at some of these benefits now.

Low Maintenance

Underfloor heating systems generally require very little maintenance after they are installed. If installed correctly, they can function for many years without needing any kind of intervention. These systems are designed to last. They are also protected by the flooring that is laid on top of it so that they do not get damaged over time. Generally speaking, underfloor heating systems can last up to 20 to 25 years if correctly installed.

Energy Efficient

It is often wrongly assumed that underfloor heating is not energy efficient. However, underfloor heating is surprisingly more energy efficient than regular electric heaters since it retains heat for longer and requires less energy to maintain its heat than regular electric heaters.

Low Running Cost

If your home is properly insulated and your windows and doors are adequately sealed, underfloor heating systems tend to run at a low cost compared to conventional electric heaters and other kinds of heating systems, including gas systems.


Conventional electric heaters tend to create hot spots within rooms that can make those rooms uncomfortable. If you’re too far away from the heater, it’s cold, and if you’re too close, it’s too hot.

Underfloor heating, however, creates an even spread of heat across the room, creating a much more comfortable environment that feels natural and inviting.


A more balanced climate makes for improved health. Because underfloor heating is more gentle, even and controlled, it is safer and more hygienic than electric heaters, which dry out the air significantly.

Electric radiators tend to create high levels of humidity and moisture, which leads to an increase in dust and mites. This can lead to asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues. Therefore, underfloor heating is preferable for people with allergies.


Underfloor heating is safer because it does not have any exposed elements. This is especially attractive if you have young children because there are no hot spots to touch and get burned on, nor is there a risk of fire since underfloor heating is kept well away from any flammable materials owing to it being insulated by the flooring above it.

With underfloor heating, you won’t risk having your curtains catch on fire because they were touching the heater or run the risk of children burning their fingers.


Underfloor heating also allows for more space in the house and removes the unsightly addition of electric heaters, radiators and gas heaters from the living space. Because underfloor heating is invisible, it improves the space’s aesthetic and functionality by not having heaters in the room taking up floor space. Underfloor heating allows you to free up space to decorate your home the way you want without restrictions.

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