The Different Types of Carpets For Your Home

Types of Carpets

When it comes to choosing a carpet for your home there are many options to consider and you will have to decide on the colour, style and quality of the particular carpet you want installed. Here are some of the different types of carpets that you can choose from.

Belgotex Carpets are a range of carpets that have been manufactured with quality and tradition as the foundation. These carpets are inspired by product innovation and international standards. So a lot of technical research is involved in the design and manufacturing of these range of carpets.

Nouwens Carpets has a heritage and quality that is associated with this range of carpets. Craftsmanship and innovation are combined using only superior natural and synthetic fibres. The Nouwens Carpets range strives for durability and wearability so that people can enjoy a liveable type of carpet. Because the carpets are durable they are suitable for both the commercial business office and for the residential premises. They have an aesthetic allure that is exquisite in any setting. This range is inspired by both local trends and international trends so you are certain to find something in this range that will suit your needs.

Van Dyck Carpets offer a versatile range that includes tufted, needlepunch and woven ranges in broadloom, tiles and rugs. These carpets are signified by superior quality and style. It is through continuous product innovation that these carpets have been able to outlast for over 60 years in the market. It is one the leading carpet brands in the market.

Crossley Carpets specialises in woven Axminster and Wilton carpets. These are for the high end residential markets because it is high quality that costs a pretty penny. It is for those home owners that want a type of carpet that has elegant and sophisticated appeal and enhances the glamorous home. You can also have your own custom design carpets made if you have a flair for the creative style and want something ultimately unique that will only be showcased in your home. In addition, these carpets are suitable for the commercial market such as casinos, cruise ships, hotels, guest houses, restaurants, clubs and conference venues. If you want a custom carpet specifically designed for you that is of high quality then this would suit your unique requirements.

When considering the type of carpets you want for your home these are four very good options to look at. Each one offers its own quality and style option and each one will cater for a different budget. You can style your home with the carpet that will be suitable to each room in your house. Or you can get completely creative and have your own custom made carpet designed and installed. But it is good to consider your options and do your homework. A good carpet specialist will be able to guide you in this area and will be able to show you many swatches so that you can make an informed decision the next time you search for carpets.